Friday, 22 February 2013

Tomatoes On Ryvita Take 2

Yesterday, we had a Tomato Ryvita lunch and in my blog post about it I mentioned replacing rocket with basil, which I felt would make it more Mediterranean, so today I had another go at it.

I used the same Ryvita (Mediterranean Herb) and Kate came home from Tesco with Soya Cheese, so we introduced this into the mix.

I opted for the salsa version again, rather than sliced tomatoes. To make the salsa I roughly chopped 4 tomatoes and drained off as much of the juice as I could in a colander. Then I transferred to a mixing bowl and added: a squeeze of lemon, 1/2 teaspoon dried garlic, 1/2 teaspoon dried chilli, a handful of fresh finely chopped basil, a good grind of salt and a sprinkling of black pepper, then gave it a good mix.

There's 2 cheese options in the pic; Soya Cheese, and Soya Cheese Spread (Cheddar flavour). I've never tried soya cheese before and I found it a bit weird. It's got a rubbery texture and doesn't taste of cheese. I'm a cheese lover so I found this to be quite a sacrifice.

I tried the cheese first, which was palatable, but the spread afterwards was pungent in comparison and I didn't like it. Kate didn't try the cheese, just the spread and liked it, so there you go.

It's the salsa that makes the dish and I'd happily have this alone on Ryvita.

Oh, and if it's of interest, this is what the kids had, Pizza, Chips & Crisps (Mmmm, junk food!)...

Oh the temptation! hahahahaha.

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