Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Last Supper

That's it. Our 1 week detox is over. We did it! A big pat on the back for Kate & me. Last Sunday, at dinner Kate joked it was our last supper. I went into this open eyed but not knowing what to expect. Now we've reached the end without giving in to temptation it's tonight that feels more like the last supper. Tomorrow is when the true safrice begins; I just hope we can keep it up.

Of course, the last supper is not the way to describe it at all. After all, it's not like we're suffering like Christ on the cross! It's not punishment being good to yourself, is it? Jesus would've been grateful for a detox! :-)

So, our 'last supper' (for want of a better phrase) was this lovely piece of cod -

The photo does it no justice, I assure you it was deliciously refreshing and simple enough to cook. All done in the steamer as follows:
  • Place cod in steamer and start on 20 minutes
  • chop spring onion, chilli, garlic and mix with lemon juice in a bowl
  • At 10 mins add spinach to steamer and drizzle dressing over fish
  • At 5 mins remove fish and spinach, and put samphire on to steam
  • Serve with sliced lemon
Unwittingly, I didn't season this with salt or pepper, as there was a bit of general chaos going on around me in the kitchen. So much so that during dinner Lily, our 3 year old, came careering backwards into the kitchen with her toy pushchair and crashed into the dining table, knocking over my glass of water which spilled all over my plate (hence it looking a bit 'untidy' in the pic). Perhaps a fitting way to bring the week to a close.

And looking forward, the intention is not to now gorge on chocolate and crisps and stop at the next McDs for a Quarter Pounder Meal (large) with full fat coke, but to uphold a healthy diet and lifestyle as best we can and know it's ok to treat ourselves once in a while.

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