Saturday, 23 February 2013

How the other half is doing...

As you can see I have become quite the blog widow  over the last few days... if you can't beat them join them as they say.  So here we are both sat at opposite sides of the room on Saturday night, a little bit hungry, tapping away!

So how did I get to here?

I have an awards ceremony with work on the 6th March.  I've known about this since New Year - I thought that my massive health kick would get me into my size 14 dress.... It didn't go to plan!  I went through vicious circles of munching massive amounts of shite as I would be dieting on Monday.  I reckon I put a few lbs on!

So I saw the date last week and I panicked! One of my friends had done this Kate Troup detox she read on the Daily Mail website and had found it quite easy so I thought I'd try - I asked Matt to join me and was very surprised when he said yes!

Basically there's no dairy, no wheat, no refined sugars - no fun!!

For someone who eats at least 2 chocolate bars a day it has been a challenge to say the least! I have been very lucky this week as Matt was off work so I have actually prepared not one meal!  I must say they have been delicious! He's alright he is! He knows what works - I don't. A favourite has been the curry.

Snacking has been fruit - and hasn't been too bad!  Get what you like and pre-prepare so that you can munch when you feel like it.

Drink the water! It helps with the hunger - I haven't had the insatiable hunger Matt has!

I have struggled with the chocolate - I went the shops and came back with boxes and boxes of chocolate biscuits and cakes 'for the kids'. I have not had any!! I am very proud of me because on Wednesday I felt like I would sell my granny for a chocolate finger!!  I keep sniffing the chocolate frosting in the fridge. I was distraught when Matt's salsa masked the smell a bit. (worth it though the salsa was gorgeous).

So I have been weighing myself and it appears to be a lb a day-ish.  I'll let you know the actual total on Monday.

I am also doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

That's a completely different blog though... Oh and note to Matt - when I am sweating and grunting on the floor 'stretching' behind me is not great encouragement!!

So healthy eating - it wasn't as bad as I thought we've ate tasty and filling food.  I want to stick to it - with 1 day off a week.

I want to eat well - I want it to be an example to the kids!  I have noticed that they have eaten a lot more fruit this week - this is brilliant! I want us to be a healthier family, but lets take one step at a time!

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