Friday, 22 February 2013

Healthy Breakfast

It's Friday!

This morning I've had tomato omelette, followed by a melon & strawberry medley, washed down with a cup of hot water with lemon and ginger.

To cook the omelette I heated a little soya butter in a small frying pan, cracked in 2 eggs and mixed it up with a wooden spoon. While it was cooking I thinly sliced a tomato and laid 4 slices over the top of the omelette, then left for a few more minutes for the egg to cook through and the tomato to warm. I finished this off with a little salt & black pepper.

The melon and strawberry was simply that, no extras.

For the hot water drink I squeezed a wedge of lemon into a cup and thinly sliced fresh ginger. Apparently both ingredients are great for detox.

I ate the omelette before the thought of taking a photo occurred to me, but I got a pic of the leftovers, haha...

You may notice a few pieces of Belgian Waffle on the plate. NB: Belgian Waffles are not part of the detox diet, the kids like them! There's also a grape vine too. I didn't have grapes this morning, Kate did. Grapes are a good source of fruit and are included in the detox diet :-)

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