Thursday, 14 March 2013

Falling off the Wagon...spectacularly!

Well I can safely say that I am utterly ashamed of myself!

The healthy eating has all but ceased - I have consumed white bread every day, I have eaten chocolate every day, I have ceased to exercise, I have had take away, I have stopped drinking water!!

BUT so this post isn't completely pointless let me tell you - I feel terrible!!  My energy levels have dropped so much - I feel tired and lethargic.  I feel bloated and heavy and - I'm not entirely sure if this is the right way to describe this - greasy.

Let me tell you how this all began.

I was dieting to fit a nice dress for the CIM awards, that I was going to with work.  I dieted, I exercised, I was a machine for about 15 days.  I exercised every day, I ate really healthily after our 1 week detox.  I drank 2 litres of water a day, I was having herbal tea ( for me that's a real achievement!)

I got a nice dress! I went to the CIM awards - I felt good in my dress.  We didn't win (it's the taking part-right?)  We had a really really good night though! 5 course delicious meal accompanied by a LOT of wine.  That night I am not disappointed about though - I believe that you should enjoy occassions with out holding back!

After an evening of vast white wine consumption you don't feel great the next day - I had 2 cheese rolls for breakfast, I had a McDonalds for tea.

I didn't exercise that day, or the next, or the next.  I had a 2 day hangover so I ate hangover food for 2 days.  I just continued on the slippery path. I ate what I felt like, I got huge sandwiches for lunch at work, I ate pizza, we went out to Pizza Hut on Mothers Day, we ate out at Frankie's on the Saturday...where I also again drank a fair few Prosecco's - there's the hangover slippery slope again!

BUT whilst a Frankie's on Saturday Matt asked me to marry him! So I feel celebrations were well deserved!

So now on to healthy eating and exercising again - not only to make me feel better again but because I have a wedding dress to buy!!!

I have made us Change For Life fish pie for tea - it's good comfort food - it's not healthy eating in the way that we have been, but it's a start on our way again!

Here's a link to the recipe

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