Sunday, 3 March 2013

Chick Pea Curry

I was searching around online for a vegetable curry and I found this great recipe using chick peas and quinoa at Julia's Album.

It's really really easy to make; start with a tin of coconut milk and add the ingredients as you go.


The finished dish was tasty and filling. I've never made quinoa before, so I learned something today. I think I cooked it in too much water because it ended up a bit watery and not all the water was absorbed, so I'll try a little less next time and see if I can get it a fluffier.


What I like best about this recipe is it will be easy to improvise and diversify from the original; replace coconut milk with yoghurt, basil with coriander, chick peas with butternut squash, etc, etc... I'm looking forward to seeing what variations I come up with in the future.


  1. It came out great! Mine looked exactly like this, I just had a better lighting for a photo. And I do like this chickpea curry to be more runny like it looks on your photo, so I often add water or milk, especially if I reheat it the second day.

    1. Hey Julia, thanks for stopping by. Great tip, adding milk to re-heat. I've got some left over for tomorrow's lunch, so I'll try this.